Matt meets folk group The Young’uns, who wrote song about Naz and Matt [video]

In August 2017, Teesside folk group The Young’uns embarked on a journey to meet the people who inspired the songs on their forthcoming album, Strangers.

“In the first video in this series, The Young’uns Talk To Strangers, they meet Matthew Ogston, the courageous anti-homophobia campaigner whose heart-wrenching story inspired their song Be The Man.”

Speaking to, Sean Cooney said “Finally, at the gates of Hampstead cemetery we met Matthew Ogston, a man who has lived through an enormous tragedy in losing the love of his life, his fiancé Dr Nazim Mahmood, because of his religious family’s reluctance to accept his sexuality. We sat on Naz’s memorial bench and talked about everything Matt has been through and how his life is now a mission to share his story with as many people as possible in the hope that something so tragic need not happen again.”

Naz and Matt Foundation fully supports the release of this beautiful song. Our hope is that it will reach into new hearts and minds, and will help stop the devastating impact of homophobia triggered by religion and culture.

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The Young’uns embark on a big UK tour in October 2017. Visit their website for full details.