Shocking Reality of What Conversion Practices Really Look Like

This is the reality of what conversion ‘therapy’ can often look like.

It doesn’t work. Survivors can suffer lifelong mental damage. It is abuse, pure and simple. And it has to stop. #BanConversionTherapy now.

Watch the full video and please share. Tell your MP you won’t stand for any more delays. Ban conversion therapy now!

Naz and Matt Foundation are one of the founding members of the Ban Conversion Therapy Coalition, a coalition of LGBTQA+ and faith communities and organisations, and mental health practitioners united in calling for the Government to Ban Conversion Therapy and support victims and survivors.

For more information please contact us at [email protected] or follow Ban Conversion Therapy on Instagram and Twitter.

Trigger warning, the video on this page includes upsetting scenes of coercion and abuse.

More info is available here