A journey to become a Muslim drag queen [video]

Meet Ali, a gay Pakistani asylum-seeker preparing for his first performance as a drag queen. Ali fled Pakistan, where he was persecuted for being gay, but now faces abuse from his neighbours in London. Mentored by Asifa Lahore, the UK’s first out Muslim drag queen, Ali is determined to overcome his fears and express himself in a dance performance at one of the UK’s biggest ‘gaysian’ club nights.

You can watch the full Guardian documentary here:
Muslim drag queens: ‘the clubs are busier than ever’ – video


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  • what an inspiring video. thanks for posting it. best of luck, Matt, to you & your organisation. thoughts & prayers from South Korea xx

  • You lot are disgusting horrible sodomites. I can’t believe this rubbish and filth goes on. The fire of hell is waiting for homosexuals I hope to all enjoy it burning your asses lol. All the monotheism religions believe being gay is a grave sin, you should read the true scriptures and accept them. The end is near peace out.

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