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There are a number of ways that you can get involved if you would like to support our work, and help us to achieve our mission of never allowing religion stop a parent from unconditionally loving their child.

Share your story

Would you like to share your story? Would you like to help give others hope? If you’re LGBTQI+ and were born into a religious family please consider sharing your personal story with us. Often reading another person’s story can bring hope and help someone forge a new path and way forward.

For your own safety we can anonymise your story for you, changing key names and locations so you are not putting yourself at risk by sharing.

You may read a few examples of stories that have been sent to us on our Voices page.

One of our good friends, Vanessa-Jane Chapman, published her own piece about Naz – please read:
Homophobia and Suicide“,

Add a banner to your site

The more people that get to hear about our work, the greater the number of young people and their parents who we can help.

Download the banner below and publish on your social media profile, blog, community forum, school, charity or corporate website.

Naz and Matt Foundation - There is no place for homophobia in religion

Help us spread the message that acceptance from our parents is a human right.

Volunteer your skills

If you feel that you have a certain skill set, or life experience that you would like to contribute to the Foundation that supports our Charitable Objectives we would love to hear from you.

Please click the “I would like to volunteer” button below and complete all questions and info about you, your skills, life journey and what you would like to volunteer for.

Once you have completed the form your details will be added to our volunteer register.

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