“Be the Man”, the love story of Naz and Matt, performed in Sweden

Be the Man, the love story of Naz and Matt, performed by Årsta-Enskede Mens’ Choir, Sweden.

I was delighted to be forwarded this beautiful performance of Be the Man, the love story of Naz and Matt, by the Årsta-Enskede Mens’ Choir in Sweden.

It’s a heavy listen.

My eyes always fill with tears when I hear the song. It brings back to life the extreme challenges Naz experienced at home and the reasons why he was taken away from me.

I will always be eternally thankful to Sean, David and Michael for writing and producing this song.

About Be the Man

“Be the Man” is a profoundly moving song performed by the British folk trio, The Young’Uns, that tells the real-life love story of Dr Nazim Mahmood and myself, Matt.

Our relationship faced immense challenges due to the cultural and religious pressures from Naz’s conservative Muslim family. Tragically, two days after Naz was confronted with the ultimatum of choosing between his love for Matt or his family, Naz took his own life.

Moved by this heartbreaking story, The Young’Uns crafted “Be the Man” to honor Naz’s memory and to spotlight the broader issues of intolerance and the need for acceptance within conservative communities.

The song was released as part of their 2017 album “Strangers,” which was nominated for the Best Album at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards.

“Be the Man” has not only been a core part of The Young’Uns’ performances across the UK, including prominent folk festivals and concerts, but it has also resonated deeply at various events dedicated to raising awareness about LGBTQ+ issues.

The Young’Uns deliver a powerful message of love, loss, and the urgent need for societal change, making “Be the Man” a beacon of hope and a call to action for equality and understanding.


  • Conductor David Åberg
  • Lead vocal Oscar Bien, piano Bo Wannefors.
  • “Be the man” written by Sean Cooney, recorded by The Young’uns.
  • Choir arrangement by Andrew Bulleyment.