‘Coming out’ to our parents is one of the hardest things any LGBTQI+ person will ever have to do. Because in that moment everything can change, instantly. If our parents accept us, we are safe. But if our parents reject us, we could lose everything and everyone we have ever loved, forever.

Our charity is working on a number of key initiatives and campaigns to help remove the barriers that prevent religious and culturally conservative parents from accepting their LGBTQI+ children.

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Our annual event where we celebrate proud, accepting parents of LGBTQI+ children.

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New book: My God, My Child is LGBTQI+

Are you struggling to understand or accept your LGBTQI+ child?

Later this year we will be releasing our free to access book for religious parents of LGBTQI+ individuals. If you’d like to know when the book is available, please register your details

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Support group for parents

If you’re a parent and would like to meet other parents of LGBTQI+ individuals, please contact one of these groups

North America
Naz and Matt Foundation’s Support Group for Religious Parents and LGBTQI+ Individuals

We invite Parents of LGBTQI+ individuals to come along to our friendly support group who would like to understand the sexuality and gender identity of their children more… by asking questions to members of the LGBTQI+ community without fear of ‘getting it wrong’ or ‘saying the wrong thing at the wrong moment’, particularly when influenced by cultural or religious belief.

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