Free LGBTQI+ Legal Advice

For honour-based violence, or abuse relating to your culture

We have teamed up with Cris McCurley of Ben Hoare Bell LLP to provide legal advice or assistance if you are experiencing ‘honour based abuse‘ or violence from your family because of your sexuality or gender identity.

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Cris McCurley is the Head of International Family Law and a Partner of Ben Hoare Bell LLP (Solicitors). She has won numerous awards for our work, notably the a winner of the Karma Nirvana/Honour Network Honorary Heroine Award for her work with the survivors of DV/FM/HBV.

Please contact Cris on the details below for friendly assistance.

For immigration or asylum

If you are seeking asylum or immigration we highly recommend that you attend one of the regular asylum meetings organised by the UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group.

UKLGIG - UK Lesbian & Gay Immigration Group

If you would like FREE legal advice specifically in relation to LGBT+ asylum and please contact one of the list of solicitors on the following page.

Some solicitors may be able to offer legal aid.

View list of solicitors Attend UKLGIG Asylum Meeting

Please note:
These services are not provided by Naz and Matt Foundation. We are not responsible for the services provided by them.

Further information

If you are seeking LGBT asylum, visit our asylum Q&A help page. Also Peter Tatchell Foundation has some very helpful advice to guide you.

Please also see the additional information on our LGBTQI+ services page