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We are here to support you

We are here to help you and your family resolve challenges linked to sexuality, gender identity, religion and culture. We are a small volunteer-led charity with limited resources, but we will do everything we can to support or guide you.

We treat every request individually and the support we are able offer is assessed on a case by case basis.

Recent testimonials

To help you understand the support we provide, here are a few recent comments from LGBTQ+ individuals, from religious and culturally conservative families, who have used our support services.

Two weeks prior to getting into contact with the Naz & Matt foundation, I was hospitalised and was not able to see past anything apart from not wanting to live anymore. By simply listening to, validating and understanding my situation I now have all that I was longing for, a clear plan to eventually live safely and without fear.

I feel like a brand new person every time we speak, eager to put newfound insight and knowledge to practice. I feel super confident in preparing for the rest of my life going forward! I will forever be eternally grateful.

I had no idea 5 years ago when using the Naz & Matt foundation as research for my A Level media coursework that it would one day change my life for the better.

Samira (name has been changed to protect her identity)

I jumped, hoping someone would help… and you caught me. Thank you.

A recent comment from an LGBTQ+ person we are supporting

The charity is a god send and is still supporting me. I was in a very bad way a year ago and living in so much fear. Finally I was supported to move, very far, to feel safe and secure. Naz and Matt helped us to get into a refuge for me and my kids. I had nothing and they gave us so much by doing this for me and my kids.

My life has changed so much cause of them. I have things I never dreamt of and am so happy cause of the charity.

Noah Ali, receiving ongoing support, care package and emergency rehousing. He has asked us to use his full name.

Support available 

Please choose from one of the following options that best suits your needs:

Emergency assistance

If you are feeling suicidal, experiencing violence or abuse from your family, need asylum or are about to be made homeless, please choose the option below

I need emergency support

Support Group Meetup

We hold regular friendly support groups in London, which are free to attend and open to LGBTQI+ individuals and parents from religious or faith backgrounds. In each session we work together to understand and help each other. Many of us have become friends after attending. CURRENTLY ON HOLD due to the COVID pandemic.

Attend Support Group

Community focused support forum – Ask Naz

If you are not able or ready to attend our support group, or if you have a question you think others in our community will be able to help you with, please head over to our support forum.

Lovingly called “Ask Naz“, this a safe place for asking questions, learning, finding support from others in similar situations to yourself, self discovery, growing stronger and helping each other.

Also, if you would like to volunteer for Naz and Matt Foundation this is a great to start. Simply sign up, create your profile and start helping other members of our community grow stronger in themselves, make new friends and become part of our global family.

Explore Support Forum

Request 1-2-1 support

If you would like to receive one-to-one support please complete the form below with as much information as you are able to. All messages are treated in strict confidence.

Please do not use this for emergencies. We are a small, volunteer-led charity and sadly do not have adequate resources to respond immediately. 

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