Rainbow Chai - Parent Led Support for Desi Parents of LGBTQI+ Children

Rainbow Chai – Support for Desi Parents of LGBTQI+ Children

When it comes to your children, no matter how much you love them, some conversations can be difficult and uncomfortable to have, especially when social norms, traditional values, cultural pressures and prejudices get in the way.

Every child deserves unconditional love from their parents.

If you are struggling in your journey of accepting and loving your LGBTQ+ child, Rainbow Chai is here to support you and help you find the way.

Rainbow Chai is a new, free to access online parent led support group, created as a safe, loving and welcoming space for parents of South Asian heritage.

As parents who have registered so far are located across the UK, for the time being the support group will be online via Zoom.

If you are interested in attending the Rainbow Chai support group, please register your details below and we will let you know when the next support group session will be held.

“Any parent who’s struggling in their acceptance journey, learn one important message: your child is normal, it is not abnormal to be LGBT.”


Who is behind Rainbow Chai?

The support group is being set up and funded by Naz and Matt Foundation, a multi award-winning charity that has supported parents and LGBTQI+ individuals from religious or culturally conservative backgrounds since 2014.

Rainbow Chai is being led and facilitated by Saima, a proud Muslim mother of two children who were born LGBTQ+.

Saima’s journey as an out and proud parent

Interview with Saima in Urdu

Courtesy of our friends at the Open Minds Project

Have you worked with other parents before?

We have supported parents from a wide range of different religious and culturally conservative backgrounds over the years. Here are some quotes from parents

“There are so many families where the parents want to [talk about it] but they don’t have the language or the confidence.”


“I think it’s important to be visible as proud parents. I didn’t know of others in a similar boat, and I think if I knew, I’d go and reach out to them.”


“When there are out and proud parents, it gives courage to the other parents.”


Would you like to attend?