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Out and Proud Parents Day

Are you a Proud Parent of an LGBTQI+ child?

30th July is an annual day in the calendar where we celebrate proud parents of LGBTQI+ individuals and encourage them to ‘come out’ publicly to their community, on social media, to tell the world how much they love and accept the LGBTQI+ child they gave birth too.

We hope that this public display of support will create a powerful, positive message of acceptance to parents who may be struggling to understand or accept their child because they were born different to others in the family.

64% of UK LGBTQ+ individuals rejected by their parents experience anxiety, depression & suicidal thoughts.

Understanding The Impact Of Coming Out To Religious Parents: UK 2020

How to take part on 30th July

We are inviting all proud parents of LGBTQI+ individuals to take part on 30th July – to help inspire other parents to open their arms and accept their child.

We would especially love to hear from proud parents who are from a faith or religious backgrounds. To take part please follow the instructions below.

For parents

  1. Login your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account
  2. Write a message about why you’re proud of your ‘out’ LGBTQI+ child… and attach photos or a video of you, or you two together.  If you share photos or video, please make sure you obtain permission from the people in the photo.
  3. Include this hashtag in your post so that everyone’s posts appear as one big stream on the day:#OutAndProudParentsDay
  4. Post to your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account.It’s that simple!

For LGBTQI+ individuals

  1. Record a new video, or take a fabulous photo, with your mum or dad, or grandparent, and ask them why they are proud of you.
  2. On the 30th July share this on TwitterFacebook or Instagram and include the hashtag #OutAndProudParentsDay

For everyone else

  • If you’re someone who would like to help encourage more parents to accept their LGBTQI+ children please follow the #OutAndProudParentsDay and on 30th July retweet, share, like or comment the posts you see to help them gain visibility with your friends and community.

Watch the day unfold on social media

Help more parents get involved – spread the word

You are welcome to save any of the images below and share it on your own social media accounts with the hashtag #OutAndProudParentsDay

How to take part in #OutAndProudParentsDay
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About Naz and Matt Foundation

Naz and Matt Foundation provides support and mentoring to LGBTQI+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, questioning or intersex) individuals who have experienced mental, emotional or physical abuse from their religious or culturally conservative family.

Lack of acceptance and understanding from their parents is the number one reason for this abuse.

25% of individuals from religious or conservative backgrounds reported facing negativity from their parents when they came out. 43% faced anger and 13% received abuse, with 40% citing their parents’ religious beliefs as the reason.

Understanding The Impact Of Coming Out To Religious Parents: UK 2020

This can often lead to long term mental health issues. And sadly in some cases, like with my darling fiancé Naz, this may lead to suicide.

About Pink Triangle Trust

#OutAndProudParentsDay 2020 was funded through the kind donations from members of the public and the generosity of our friends at Pink Triangle Trust. Read more about the support received from PTT

Together we can make a huge, positive difference.

Thank you, with love

Founder and Trustee
Naz and Matt Foundation