Homosexuality – An Islamic Perspective with Dr. Shabir Ally [video]

Can you be gay and Muslim?

‘Quran Speaks’ interviewed Dr. Shabir Ally, President of the Islamic Information Centre, about how homosexuality is actually discussed in the Quran.

The aim of the interview was to see how the Islamic community can promote an inclusive environment for all, while still staying true to their core beliefs and values.

If you think that homosexuality is forbidden in the Quran, then I hope by watching this film you will find a new, more positive understanding about acceptance and love.

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  • Hey my name is amiru I’m 25 years old and a muslim and gay I like men coz there more friendly kind honest loyal so yeah I think its okay to be gay and there shouldn’t be any judgement on either sides its between me my partner/lover and god no one else so what if I’m intimate with my lover

    • Hello Amiru, thank you for your comment. Yes it’s absolutely normal to be gay and Muslim, or gay and Christian, or gay and Hindu.

      We are born the way our creator intended us to be.
      The journey we are on is to accept ourselves… hoping one day that the people around us, and the parents who have birth us, will accept us too.

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