BBC Interview: Naz’s Legacy – New Foundation Launches

The BBC contacted me (Matt) and asked me to talk to them about my beautiful Naz, and some of the emotional challenges that he faced with his family when they asked him if he ‘liked men’, effectively forcing him to ‘come out’ to them, during the religious event of Eid.

BBC’s Poonam Taneja spoke to Matt about losing his fiance Naz, and the legacy in Naz’s name that he hopes to create.

She has produced the following short film in a hope that it continues to raise awareness about the unacceptable mental bullying and emotional struggles faced by innocent daughters and sons like Naz. In turn hoping to open the eyes of homophobic religious communities across the UK to love their children for the way that they are born.

Matt has since gone on to launch a charity, Naz and Matt Foundation, in memory of Naz to tackle these very issues.

Matt set up the Naz and Matt Foundation in memory of his soulmate and fiancé, Naz, who passed away two days after being confronted about his sexuality by his religious parents. It was the first time that they knew their son was gay, in a relationship with Matt for 13 years and that they were planning to get married.


  • Dr Naz was my GP and what a kind and considerate person he was. I can hardly believe he is gone, it is so unfair. All love and courage to Matt. To you both now and eternity.

  • Hi Matt as I met u yesterday it’s really touched me. I can understand ur feelings and I wanna do everything for ur cause what I can
    As I suffer whole my life

    • Thank you for your comment and support Majid.
      It was a pleasure meeting you too, and we look forward to seeing again in the near future.
      Kindest regards

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