BBC Asian Network: Gay support group in memory of suicide doctor

A support group has been set up in memory of an Asian doctor who took his own life, days after telling his family he was gay.

Dr Naz Mahmood fell to his death from his London flat in July 2014.

Homosexuality remains taboo for many in the Asian community for religious and cultural reasons, with some gay men and women ostracised from their families.

His partner Matt Ogston has started the Naz And Matt Foundation to support Asian gay men and women, forced to hide their sexuality because of religion and culture.

BBC Asian Network’s Poonam Taneja reports.

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  • I felt really sad when Matt stood on stage of gay Asian club and spoke about his tradegy. I am professional Asian guy born in a Muslim family. I got married to a woman just to keep my family happy. I had to closet my feeling for men. When my marriage didn’t work out. My family decided for me without my consent I should marry another woman. I thought I need to stand upto this . This is taking control of me. So I did and told my parents I am not getting married. They started to question me. I still can’t tell them I am gay, which really hurts.On my decision they cut me off all my family. So now I live on my own. It really hurt I have done so much to help my family financially but I felt used . After my sisters wedding I was cut off. I sometimes wonder I should not be born. I can’t get out of this. I closed my feeling too. I hate this harsh world where no one shows no love to each other. Don’t worry I am strong person to fight this. Matt touched my heart by what he is doing . You are great guy but you don’t understand we come from a harsh culture. I can’t even have boyfriend since I am carefully watched . I don’t like going out too. Only time I feel comfortable when I am on holiday and true me comes out, which is loved by the crowd I am in. Smiling ,laughing and joking. There are lots of Hurdles for me .I wish I was on a planet of nicer people and I don’t belong here in this world. I wish we all loved each other and not ostracize people for sexuality , religion etc. love to meet you one day Matt for your work you are doing on this. I guess it is too late to help me. I am 34 year old

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