BBC Farzana Chaudry interviews Matt and Anish

Interview with Farzana Chaudry, BBC Radio Three Counties

Recently myself and Anish Pathak, a volunteer of our Foundation, and recent star of the BBC One Documentary My Hindu Coming Out Story were interviewed on BBC Three Counties by presenter, and long term supporter Farzana Chaudry.

During the interview, Matt and Anish discussed the importance of parental acceptance. Farzana asked the pair about the challenges that people from religious backgrounds face when coming out, and how the Foundation helps those individuals.

I talked about the support we provide and the resources available for those who are struggling.

The interview also touched on the recent BBC documentary, which highlighted Anish’s personal story of coming out as gay in a traditional Hindu family. Anish shared how his family eventually came to accept him and how he now works to help others facing similar challenges.

Overall, the interview was a powerful conversation about the importance of supporting LGBTQ+ individuals from all backgrounds and the vital work that is needed to help them.

Listen to the episode below

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