Can you be gay and Muslim? Live TV debate [video]

Homophobia is like racism and anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry in that it seeks to dehumanize a large group of people, to deny their humanity, their dignity and personhood.

– Coretta Scott King

A very powerful debate highlighting attitudes towards gay people by some people within Islam. Incredibly well debated by Maajid Nawaz, and Asif Quraishi (Asifa Lahore) to defend the right to be the person you were born to be.


  • Islam is not alone in being intolerant of homosexuality. Many branches of Christianity have the same problem. It seems to me that all adherents of these religions need to address in advance how they would deal with it if a member of their family turned out to be gay. If they find they wouldn’t be able to deal with it, surely they need to question their faith.

    Perhaps what protects people from this challenge to their faith is the erroneous belief that homosexuality is a choice. However homosexual people in intolerant religious communities would most likely gladly choose to be heterosexual if they could do so. It is not a choice, it is part of who you are, unchangeable. And no, conversion therapy doesn’t work, it just damages you.

  • So sad to read u story and u loss.

    as me as a Muslim man till now very much difference to let my parents know. …a load of pressures being a gay muslim.

    Anyway l hope and pray for naz

  • Sorry for u loss and sad for your story. ..

    its very different to be a gay muslim a loads of pressures ….trying to live as a good muslim and a gay one. ….
    I haven’t openly to my parents but l persume they knew as l refused to get married and spending more time with male friends. .

    There is no word to make u feel better but soon or later u will …..hold on there for him…

    may God bless his soul. ..Amin..

  • I’m a gay man and this is just the kind of reason I dislike religion, it’s so backward and full of discrimination and they don’t seem to picked up on so much, they cry discrimination yet as this video show’s they are the ones that have worse discrimination, they are so homophobic yet if I say I don’t like Islam I’m called islamaphobic, it’s ridiculous, I have a very valid reason to dislike Islam yet in public it isn’t allowed even if I explain I’m gay and they don’t accept me I’m the one that’s in the wrong, Religion (Islam) drag yaself into the 21st century stop crying discrimination whilst discriminating yourself, I will never ever accept them till they accept me!!!

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