Plea to religious leaders follows fiancé's suicide - World Suicide Prevention Day

Plea to religious leaders follows fiancé’s suicide

For World Suicide Prevention Day we launched a long term campaign designed to get more positive and public support from religious leaders across the UK.

Interviewed by the BBC News

“Matt is asking religious leaders to speak out against all attempts to force conversion therapy on a person, or attempts to lean on someone to change or suppress their sexuality or gender identity in any way.”

Plea to religious leaders follows fiancé's suicide - BBC News

“He said he hoped to help “give parents the tools to help them understand and accept their own children.”

“My message to LGBTQI+ individuals and their parents is to sign this letter, to work with religious leaders to make our communities a more accepting place to live.”

He hopes the letter will be a small step forward towards lasting change and ensure his fiancé did not die in vain.

Matt said: “He spent his whole life helping other people. I just hope the work we’re doing is contributing to his legacy.

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