Meet some of the proud parents for OutAndProudParentsDay 2020

Out And Proud Parents Day 2020 Launches

Every year on the 30th July we celebrate out and proud parents of LGBTQI+ individuals. It’s a day when we encourage proud parents to ‘come out’, on social media, to their community, and tell the world how proud they are of their LGBTQ+ child.

We hope that this public display of support will create a powerful, positive message of acceptance to parents who may be struggling to understand or accept their child because they were born different to others in the family.

Why is this day important?

On the 30th July 2014, Dr Nazim Mahmood, Matt’s fiancé and soulmate of thirteen years, sadly took his own life just two days after his deeply religious family confronted him about being gay for the first time.

The last thing Naz would want is for everyone to be sad on this day. So in his memory we reclaimed this dark day as a meaningful annual event where we can talk, learn, discover and celebrate the incredibly important role of accepting parents.

Our parents play a vital role the happiness and wellbeing of LGBTQI+ individuals, particularly those from religious or culturally conservative backgrounds.

How to take part

To find out more, or to take part please head over to our dedicated #OutAndProudParentsDay page