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The Urgent Need to Ban Conversion Therapy: An Open Letter to Government

Naz and Matt Foundation, House of Rainbow, Jeremy Marks from Post Courage, along with Ozanne Foundation signed a joint open letter to Rt Hon Liz Truss MP, Minister for Women and Equalities, calling on the Government to speed up the introduction of a formal ban on #ConversionTherapy.

Each of our organisations have worked with survivors of ‘conversion therapy’ and have been affected by the devastation caused by this type of abuse remaining legal.

We, along with a small working group of other individuals have advised the Government Equalities Office on how best to end conversion therapy. But our Foundation has become increasingly frustrated with the Government’s lack of progress and repeated efforts to stall the work of our working group.


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We would to thank Jayne Ozanne from the Ozanne Foundation for co-ordinating and leading on this letter.