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Thank You – #OutAndProudParentsDay 2020 Was HUGE

We are absolutely delighted and over the moon with how many proud, accepting parents took part in #OutAndProudParentsDay 2020.

We would love to say a HUGE FABULOUS THANK YOU to everyone – especially parents – who took part, shared photos, tweeted, posted, retweeted and commented.

The morning kicked off with Gaydio dedicating their morning breakfast show to Out and Proud Parents all across the UK. It was so wonderful to hear so much positivity and acceptance from the parents that took part.

Gaydio Radio hosts Out And Proud Parents Day breakfast show

1,305,708 Individuals Reached

Over the week long teaser campaign we were able to reach a staggering 1,305,708 individuals online and across our social media channels!

And for #OutAndProudParentsDay itself on 30th July (with some content spilling over to the following day) we were able to reach an eye-watering 562,995 individuals!! Yes that’s over half a million people who read, watched, shared or interacted with #OutAndProudParentsDay photos, stories, videos or articles.

Within that audience will have been parents who may be currently struggling to understand or accept their LGBTQI+ child.

Meet some of the parents who took part

We would love you to meet some of the proud accepting parents that took part on the day from the UK, North America and India too!