Welcome to Out And Proud Parents Day 2021

Welcome to Out And Proud Parents Day 2021, a very special annual day in the calendar where we celebrate proud accepting parents of their LGBTQI+ children.

July 30th is “Out and Proud Parents Day” where we ask Proud Parents of LGBTQI+ children to ‘come out’ and be role models within their community.

Out and Proud Parents Day launched on July 30th 2019, the five year anniversary of Matt’s fiancé Naz’s death, who Naz and Matt Foundation was founded in memory of.

We sought to give this needless tragedy a more positive meaning, something that could help others find the acceptance that Naz longed for.

What happens on 30th July?

For Out And Proud Parents Day we invite parents of LGBTQI+ children, from all backgrounds, to stand up and come out on social media as Proud Parents using the hashtag #OutAndProudParentsDay.

We invite parents to tell the world, on social media, how much they love and accept their LGBTQI+ child. By doing so, they will help inspire and support other parents who may be struggling to understand the child they gave birth to.

This is a special day to celebrate parents who are proud, and have accepted their LGBTQI+ child.


Now in its third year, the parents taking part have largely been representative of the families who use our charity’s services.

For 2021, we are inviting proud accepting parents from all backgrounds (religious or non-religious) to take part in the event.

It’s really important that all proud, accepting parents know the important role they can play helping other parents understand and accept the children they gave birth to.

Together, we can and will make a difference.

How to take part

  1. On 30th July log on to your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook account.
  2. Take part by uploading a photo or video of parent (with their permission) and their LGBTQI+ child (with their permission), along with a short message from the parent about their love and acceptance for their child, along with the hashtag #OutAndProudParentsDay
  3. Submit the post on 30th July.
  4. Follow the hashtag #OutAndProudParentsDay on 30th July, and re-share content posted by other members of the public, to amplify the voices of parents taking part.

For more information, please visit our shiny website