#BanConversionTherapy Campaign Launches

Conversion Therapy is still legal in the UK and we have an opportunity to change this. Mental health practitioners, LGBT+ and faith communities are united in calling for the Government to #BanConversionTherapy.

It causes profound, long-term harm on those who survive. Many don’t.

Naz and Matt Foundation are part of a coalition that is working to force the government to introduce this ban. We need a meaningful ban that protects all LGBTQI+ people, including from religious and cultural practices that attempt to change or suppress someone’s sexuality or gender identity.

Contact your MP (takes less than 30 seconds)

Please write to your MP demanding action via the link below. It’s been nearly 1000 days since the government pledged to act on conversion therapy! Email your MP in less than 30 seconds.


Get involved

Share the banners below banner along with and link above with your friends and relatives.


It’s really important we all work together to stop this legal form of torture in the UK, once and for all.

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