London Pride - Naz and Matt Foundation 2016

London Pride 2016: March with us & help stop religious & cultural homophobia

March with us in this year’s London Pride and help us put an end to religious and cultural homophobia, and discrimination against LGBTQI people within faith communities.

Help us raise visibility through the streets of London and let the capital, and the rest of the world know that we will not sit back and let religious and cultural beliefs take the lives and happiness away from our beautiful brothers and sisters who are born the way they are.

We will not stand back and let this continue. Our mission is to never let religion, any religion, come in the way of the unconditional love between parents and their children

March with us on Saturday 25th June for London Pride

Would you like to march with us?

Please leave your name and email address at the link below if would like to march with us. We want to raise visibility of the devastating impact that religious and cultural homophobia is having our communities.

Where and what time do we meet?

All info below has been collated by the Pride in London organisers and is subject to change (but hopefully not!).

Click here to view the official Pride in London Parade website

  • Time to meet: 10.30am
    Outside Great Portland Street Underground Station [view map]
    At 10:50am as a group we will walk from the Underground station to our designated place for the start of the parade
  • The Parade will take formation on Portland Place.
    All of us must be at the junction of Portland Place and Park Crescent to take our places in the parade. [view map].

    We will be met by Pride in London stewards who will direct you to the exact location to form up and wait for the Parade to start.
    We must be in our designated parade place before 11.30am! (sorry they’re not our rules!)
  • A free parade wristband is required for you to march.
    Matt will be collecting these from the parade organisers, and handing them out to individuals who have successfully registered and been accepted to join our marching group via the link above. We have been allocated 20 places for the march, so once we have 20 registrations we can’t unfortunately accept any new volunteers. [update 19/06/2016: we have only a few places left]
  • Section C –
    Naz & Matt Foundation will be marching in Section C
    (see the full parade list here).
    Please familiarise yourself with the groups that we will be marching in front of and behind – this will help you to find our position in the march.
  • Say “cheese”
    Please bring your camera or video camera and film and share as much stuff as you want. The objective of us marching is to  raise visibility of the issues we are going to resolve.
  • Naz & Matt Foundation T-Shirts
    We should have enough t-shirts to give away for everyone marching with us on the day. As I don’t know all of your sizes we have had to guess and print a few of each size. Hopefully we’ll all fit in.
  • Will we be carrying a banner?
    Yes we have a large visual PVC banner to carry with us in the march to inform everyone why we are marching. It’s too big to carry for one person, so I would thankful if we can take in turns to carry part of it 🙂

Pride in London – Important documents to read before you march


  • Can I play music?
    Music is permitted whether it is recorded or live. Any music played must comply with the noise levels deemed appropriate by Pride in London representatives. Please co- operate if you are asked to turn it down or off. The sound system must be battery or diesel powered, it cannot be run by petrol.
  • Can I drink alcohol?
    The Parade is for everyone to enjoy and no alcohol is to be consumed at any point before or during the Parade. If a participant is found with alcohol, drunk or under the influence of drugs they will be taken out of the Parade as this is a safety issue. No glass is permitted and plastic containers must be used. Any glass bottles/containers will be confiscated. asked to leave the Parade.

Can I join your mailing list?

If you’d like to hear from us by email when we have major announcements, please leave your email address here: