Croydon Pride - supporting our trans siblings

Proudly supporting our Trans siblings at Croydon Pride

Croydon Pride was on fire today. It felt genuinely community centred through and through, with diversity and freedom to be oneself at its core.

With the crowd made up of the LGBTQI+ community, allies, families, children, parents, and pensioners dancing in their electric scooters, it really is one of the nicest, most welcoming prides you can attend.

A lot of this is down to the always incredible @asifalahore and @itsshepherdsbush, our amazing queens of Croydon hosting the super packed main stage at Croydon PrideFest after the march. They quite rightly are now members of Croydon’s Royal Family.

It’s always a pleasure to bump into someone who gives me a lot of strength each day, the wonderful @sabacelebritypa who recently joined the @nazandmattfoundation team.

When wind blew over several community stalls, blowing merch and products everywhere and lightly injuring a few of us, it was heartwarming to see local police officers quickly arrive to help and assist. I’d like to thank Met police SN BCU @mpscroydonyouth for their help there.

If you’ve never been to Croydon Pride I highly recommend going next year. Thank you to all the volunteers who make it possible.