SWGMC Welsh Gay Mens Choir

Welsh LGBT+ Choirs Support Foundation at Cardiff Concert

The South Wales Gay Men’s Chorus (SWGMC) led a family of three LGBT+ choirs to a packed audience at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama on Saturday 6th April 2019.

SWGMC has kindly chosen Naz and Matt Foundation to be their charity of 2019, with the Pride theme concert marking the start of the choir’s work supporting our Foundation.

The gay male choir silenced the room with an unforgettable performance of “Be the Man” (the love story of Naz and Matt), written and produced by the The Young’uns which was preceded by a short speech by Matt, fiancé of Naz, about love, loss and our responsibility to make the world better around us.

SWGMC Welsh Gay Mens Choir
Rehearsals for the SWGMC Welsh Gay Mens Choir Naz and Matt Foundation concert

The concert helped raise money for Naz and Matt Foundation. Money raised will support a number of important new projects focused on helping and supporting religious parents who are struggling to accept their LGBTQI+ children.

Also performing on the night were the fabulous Cardiff Trans Singers and mesmerising Songbirds Choir Cardiff 🏳️‍🌈

Thank you SWGMC for your support and welcoming us to your beautiful city of Cardiff, Wales

(Photo taken during rehearsals)