Fuck It Moments Podcast

Interview: The real cost of Homophobia

On a calm, peaceful April afternoon in 2018, Clare Freeman from the deeply emotive F**k It Moments Podcast sat down with me and switched on her voice recorder. We started talking. Two hours later and my heart was completely open.  Out poured happy memories of being with Naz, followed by the trauma I faced when he passed away.

In one of the most details interviews I’ve given to date, this feature length interview will be a difficult, sometimes challenging listen for some.

We’ve decided to release this podcast episode on the anniversary of the day Naz and I met for the first time. The day we fell in love.

From the synopsis:

When Naz told his family he was gay, he didn’t receive the reaction he was hoping for. Days later, when they rejected his honesty, Naz took his own life.

It’s a decision that will forever be marked on his partner, Matt Mahmood-Ogston’s heart forever. Now Matt runs the Naz and Matt Foundation, dedicated to show others to never let religion come in the way of the unconditional love between parents and their children. Instead of anger – he sees the opportunity in homophobia, and focuses on educating those who are misinformed or fearful of what being LGBTQ+ means.

Matt’s Fuck It Moments Podcast episode is a story of love, of heartbreak and a lesson in how we can all choose to make a difference in our communities. And ponders the question of whether it’s really possible to love again when your soul mate isn’t by your side anymore.

During this interview with host Clare Freeman, Matt barely scratches the surface on the amazing things he’s doing.

Trigger warning: From the very beginning this podcast contains clear references to suicide, mental health and homophobia. Please do not listen if you are feeling vulnerable.

If you’re struggling with suicidal thoughts or anything related to mental health – know that you’re not alone. Pick up the phone and reach out to The Samaritans right now – no matter how big or small your worries – call them on 116 123 for free, or visit www.samaritans.org/

Matt Mahmood-Ogston: The Real Life Cost of Homophobia