Bradford: Campaigner shares story of partner’s suicide after telling deeply religious family he was gay

Telegraph and Argus Interview, Bradford Schools Tour October 2016

Students at Bradford College were visited by a campaigner raising awareness of religious homophobia.

As part of our Foundation’s tour of schools in Bradford, Matt was interviewed by the Telegraph & Argus, Bradford’s leading newspaper for the city:

Matt [Mahmood]-Ogston addressed a packed lecture theatre today, delivering a talk about his experiences of the problem.

He set up the Naz and Matt Foundation following the death of his partner of 13 years and fiancé, Nazim Mahmood, who committed suicide 48 hours after coming out as gay to his deeply religious Muslim family two years ago.

The charity aims to raise awareness of homophobia in all religions and encourages people to discuss sexuality in different sections of the community to help people understand it is normal.

Addressing the room, Mr Ogston spoke about how religion affects people and can lead to young people committing suicide because of their sexuality.

“I want to use my life to help other people find the strength to come out to their families and live happy lives.”


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Photo credit: Telegraph & Argus


Matt set up the Naz and Matt Foundation in memory of his soulmate and fiancé, Naz, who passed away two days after being confronted about his sexuality by his religious parents. It was the first time that they knew their son was gay, in a relationship with Matt for 13 years and that they were planning to get married.


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