Remembering Naz - 30th July 2017

Naz remembered: 3 Years in darkness

My darling Naz was remembered on 30th July 2017, 5:23pm, three years to the day that Naz joined the angels, with a peaceful sunflower ceremony in which we decorated his bench in London.

I was joined by friends who knew Naz, neighbours from the local area and also new friends who had never met Naz in person but wanted to pay their respects to him and everything he stood for.

As Naz would not have wanted us to be sad, we completed the day with a Bollywood-style dance-off, on the lawn at Fortune Green, dancing to ‘Chal Chaya Chaya’ – (from the movie Dil se, and also Bombay Dreams – our favourite musical)

(this video is not of us dancing, just in case you were wondering!).