To Chechnya, With Love – London’s protest against the LGBT purge in Chechnya

On Sunday 27th January 2019, a large group of protesters gathered in the pouring rain outside the Russian Embassy in London. They stood in solidarity with the LGBT+ community in Chechnya who are being rounded up, imprisoned, tortured or murdered by the Chechen authorities.

Chechen authorities are telling parents to kill their own children if they suspect they are gay… otherwise the authorities will do it for them.

We must not turn the other way and ignore what is happening. We must not let the ‘LGBT+ cleansing’ in Chechnya to continue. We must protect the innocent – individuals being targeted because of how they were born.

What you can do to help

Help the evacuation of LGBT+ individuals from Chechnya by donating to the brave volunteers of the Russian LGBT Network. So far the volunteers and their partners have evacuated over 150 individuals from the country. So many more need to escape, but the volunteers urgently need donations to support these escapes.

Donate securely via the All Out website:

Russian LGBT Network

Peter Tatchell Foundation (organiser of the protest)

Queer Tours of London (organiser of the protest)

Gay Star News

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