Naz and Matt Interview – Gaydio Radio [radio]

Matt is interviewed by Gaydio’s Emma and Chris on Wednesday 15th April 2015 about his fiancé Naz, and the charity (Naz and Matt Foundation) setup in memory of Naz to tackle homophobia within religion.


  • My mother,born 1914,could never ‘come out’ to anyone and was taught by nuns. She suffered mental health problems her whole life and finally took her own life in 1982. Unfortunately I also have mental health problems but cope,with help. But what she and my dad did teach me was to accept everyone for who they are and I am so grateful. I am lucky because I have a wonderful husband and 4 brilliant, grown up kids, two of whom are gay. All of them are very happy with their partners. It is heartbreaking reading Naz and Matt’s story, all so unnecessary. They were so happy, what more could a parent ask for?
    Loads of love, kisses and hugs to all. XXXXXXX

    Where can I donate to the foundation.

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