Queen Ethelburga's School Talk, York - Talking religious homophobia

Foundation Delivers Full Day of School Talks in York

Foundation delivers full day of ‘religion, homophobia and bullying’ school talks during LGBT History Month for Queen Ethelburga’s School in York.

We were contacted by Queen Ethelburga’s School in York to deliver a series of talks to their students about ‘religion, homophobia and bullying’ during LGBT History Month.

Once the date had been decided for our visit we started discussing how best to reach the widest audience at their school. We agreed to deliver an intense, back-to-back, day of talks to ensure we could speak the majority of groups across the school in a single visit.

We begin the morning with a brief 30 minute session for the older Year 12 group, followed by our popular one hour talk for the other Year 12s, Year 11s and Year 10s.
Later in the day we delivered two sessions using a specially adapted version of our school talk designed for younger Year 8 secondary school students.

All of the sessions included the showing of a short film, and a comprehensive introduction to what it means to be LGBTQI+, and how religion and culture are often connected to each other.

We would like to say a huge thank you to the wonderful students and inspirational teachers at Queen Ethelburga’s school, York for the invite and kind hospitality throughout the day.

We left Queen Ethelburga’s feeling incredibly positive. We were happy to see how positively engaged the majority of the students were on the topic.

School talks to tackle religious and cultural homophobia

Since Naz and Matt Foundation started delivering school talks in 2015 we have refined and developed our talks to cater for the needs of the schools that contact us.
The majority of the schools that we work with are located in areas where many of the students come from traditional families practicing a religion or are heavily influenced by their culture.

If you would like to book request us to visit your school, please read the information on the following page and complete the online application form if your school meets our criteria.
Together we can change the world to become a more accepting place for all of us to live.

Tackling Homophobia in Schools