Manchester Pride - Coronation Street

Foundation joins Coronation Street for Manchester Pride

Coronation Street made headlines throughout this year for its groundbreaking lesbian Muslim storyline, inspired in part by our very own Naz and the experiences he sadly faced from his own family.

Since 2017, actress Bhavna Limbachia, who plays the first ever lesbian Muslim character on Corrie has been in close contact with with Naz and Matt Foundation. She has worked tirelessly to help raise awareness to the press of the issues and challenges faced by LGBTQI+ individuals in similar situations to her on screen character, Rana Habeeb.

The impact of playing Rana has had a huge impact on many LGBTQI+ people who watch the soap. Many have reached out to us and said how their lives have been positively affected. In some cases we have told us about the positive impact on their parents too.

This year for Manchester Pride, Coronation Street’s home city, ITV very kindly donated places in their marching group to Naz and Matt Foundation so that we could join them at the front of the march.

In the main photo above, Bhavna proudly carries the flag for Naz and Matt Foundation as she leads our group through the streets of Manchester. This is our favourite photo from that incredible day.

Huge hugs and thank you to Bhavna Limbachia, Charlie de Melo, Nicola Thorp, ITV and Coronation Street who marched with us every step of the way. We are eternally thankful for the support you give to our community.

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