World Suicide Prevention Day

World Suicide Prevention Day

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day.

Is today the day you reach out and ask for help?

Is today the day you send that TXT message, email or make a phone call letting someone else know that you need their support?

Is today the day you take a step forward to becoming a stronger person?

If you feel stuck, or feel there is no way forward then you are not alone. But there is a way forward.

You’ll be surprised by how many people you know who already receive personal or professional support on a regular basis.

Receiving support, advice, counselling or psychotherapy is nothing to fear – it will help you grow mentally and emotionally stronger inside. In fact you should be proud of yourself for taking action to make “you” a stronger and more resilient person.

I know, sometimes it’s hard to admit that we need help. We fear what the other person will think of us. Or we feel we will be wasting their time. I know I’ve been there.

Close to taking my own life in 2014 something happened that made me stop and think. In that brief moment I realised I had to stay. I had to look hard, but there was a reason for me to stay here. And with the help of good people and positive energy around me I found the strength and direction to keep going.

One of the best things I did was to admit that I needed help and I could no longer do it alone.

I quickly found myself a psychotherapist who I saw once a week for four weeks. I was then offered a 12 week programme of intense counselling which pushed me forward a bit more. Eventually I started seeing another psychotherapist, this time with someone I could identify with. I’ve been seeing them regularly ever since and it’s one of the best investments I could ever make to personal well being.

I was only able to take one small step at a time. But each step was a step forward. A step further away from that dark place. A step towards a future.

What you might be experiencing right now is a moment, and as all moments do, will pass. Speaking to someone else, who is not emotionally involved in your life, will help you get through it.

Be gentle on yourself. Give yourself a little physical and mental space. Switch off the notifications on your phone. Surround yourself with positive people who can make you smile.

Remember there is always a way forward. We might need to find it together. But there is a way.

We have listed below a number of different organisations that can help you regain mental and emotional strength.

You are never alone. The community is here for you.

If you need emotional or mental help and support



Maytree offers a befriending service and respite stay for people in suicidal crisis.  If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts or feelings, please give them a call.

Pink Therapy

The UK’s largest independent therapy organisation focusing on gender and sexual diversity clients. Find the right person to speak to.


The Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) focuses on preventing suicide among men. CALM runs a helpline as well as online webchat in the evenings, throughout the year.

LGBT Switchboard

Provide an information, support and referral service for lesbians, gay men and bisexual and trans people – and anyone considering issues around their sexuality and/or gender identity.


A national charity dedicated to the prevention of young suicide, offering telephone support

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