A gay Muslim who took his own life has inspired a Coronation Street storyline

I News gay Muslim Coronation Street

“A Coronation Street actress took inspiration for her role from the real-life story of a gay Muslim man committing suicide in 2014.

Bhavna Limbachia plays Coronation Street’s first openly gay Muslim character and spoke to a number of LGBTQI+ Muslims to prepare for the lesbian relationship she portrays on camera with Faye Brookes’s character, Kate Connor.

Nazim Mahmood ended his life four years ago after his parents confronted him about his sexuality. He had been with his partner, Matt Ogston, for thirteen years. As a result, Ogston formed the Naz and Matt Foundation – an organisation dedicated to tackling religious homophobia to help parents accept their children.

Coronation Street actress Limbachia researched stories of religious homophobia, including the tragic story of Mahmood ending his life, to better understand the pressures her gay character would face. ”

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