Birmingham Gay Symphony Orchestra

Foundation delivers moving speech at Birmingham Gay Symphony Orchestra anniversary concert

Birmingham Gay Symphony Orchestra is one of only three LGBTQ+ orchestras in the UK and is made up of musicians who identify as LGBTQ+ and heterosexual/straight allies. The orchestra provides a safe ‘non-scene’ space in which their members can meet to make friends and to make music together.

They celebrated their 10 year anniversary on Saturday 16th June 2018 and invited Naz and Matt Foundation to speak at their their special event.

It was an honour to share the stage with Matt and a privilege to support The Naz and Matt Foundation at our 10th anniversary concert. They bring people together and that’s our mission too. We have Lesbian, Gay, Trans, Pan and other members as well as several straight allies and people from all backgrounds in our audience.

– BGSO violinist, Chair and Leader of the Orchestra Kat Galbraith

After the penultimate song before the half time break, I delivered a twelve minute speech… talking about my darling Naz, why our Foundation was setup, and the work we now do.

Huge thank you to the kind generosity of the audience who donated a huge £352.66 to help Naz and Matt Foundation continue our important work.

Brum’s Gay Symphony Orchestra raise funds for Naz and Matt Foundation – A write up of the concert on the website “I am Birmingham“.