Discovering Club Kali - 25 years of the legendary club and space

Foundation’s new film celebrates female pioneers of the Queer South Asian community

A few years ago I was delighted to be invited to direct a new 40 minute film documenting the birth and growth of the Queer South Asian Community that we know today – Club Kali.

Club Kali was started by the now legendary DJ Ritu MBE and Rita Hirana, two female pioneers who many now refer to as the god mothers of the UK South Asian Queer community.

The club was started in 1995 in London and over the last 28 years has now grown into the world’s oldest LGBTQI+ south asian club network.

Discovering Kali received its world premiere at the London Indian Film Festival on the 23rd June 2023, hosted at the BFI, Southbank’s famous NFT1 screen.

More details about the film will be posted her over the coming months.

This film was a privately funded project and no financial contribution was made by Naz and Matt Foundation.