CNN Conversion Therapy / Gay Cure Therapy

A legal form of abuse: Conversion therapy

We speak to CNN about the hidden dangers of ‘conversion therapy’ and ‘gay cure therapy’ and why we must all work together to end this legal form of abuse.

In the UK, one in 20 LGBT people have been offered conversion therapy, and an additional 2% have taken part in it, according to a survey of over 100,000 people by the UK government in 2017.

In July 2018 the UK Government announced their LGBT Action Plan – and as part of that they would ban conversion therapy. We said back then that this will be an empty promise if sufficient action is not being taken by politicians to move this forward.

In March, the European Parliament had already voted to condemn conversion therapy, urging EU member states to end the practice.

This was following the lead taken by Malta – a small island nation in the Mediterranean with a population of just over 400,000 – which made history in 2016 by implementing a nationwide ban on conversion therapy.

So the example has been set and the UK has the backing of the European Government. Now what we need is a leader within Government to champion this change and help us end this legal form of abuse.

While there is a legal ‘cure’ available, it allows a parent’s mind to wander. We have to remove that from a parent’s thought process.
This is something that quite clearly encourages young LGBT people to take their lives. How can this be allowed to be legal?