Sinnerman - new film by Josh Rose

Foundation supports new Jewish LGBT+ film

We’re proud to be supporting the new film ‘Sinnerman’, by first-time writer and filmmaker Josh Rose, who hopes the film will help others come out in the Jewish community.

“Sinnerman” is an eight-minute short film that explores the complex decision faced by two young Jewish men who are in a secret relationship. They must choose between embracing their true selves and leaving their community or ending their relationship and marrying the girls that their parents have chosen for them. The entire film takes place in one room, with the two characters having an intense conversation about their situation.

The film is semi-autobiographical, and writer Josh Rose drew on his own experiences to create the dialogue. He wanted to tell an authentic queer story, and he believes that it is essential for these stories to be told by those who have lived them.

The film has been shot and edited and they hope the film will reach a wide audience and generate conversations around the difficulties of being religious and gay. The film’s title is taken from a Nina Simone song, and it reflects the intense emotional journey that the characters go through.

Director Emma Fine praised the script as “brilliantly written,” and she hopes that it will raise awareness and help those who are struggling with similar issues. She believes that the film can become a talking point in religious households and promote acceptance and diversity within communities.

“Sinnerman” is a powerful coming-of-age drama that speaks to the challenges faced by many young queer people who are navigating their identities within religious communities. It is a testament to the resilience and strength of those who dare to be themselves, even in the face of adversity.

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