Salim’s Secret now available – An illustrated LGBTQI+ children’s book

Salim's Secret - an illustrated LGBT+ children's book - religion:islam

We are incredibly pleased, and proud, to announce that we are the official UK publishers of the UK Edition of Salim’s Secret.

This beautiful children’s book that tells the story of a young boy called Salim, and a secret he wants to share but is afraid of telling anyone. He fears that he will lose his friends and family if they find out.

Growing up is never easy, especially when you have a secret to share and are too scared to tell anyone.  Salim knows he is different, but will his friends and family accept him for who he really is?

Written by Noor Ramadani, the book can now be purchased directly from our online shop.

Each copy includes a small donation that will be used to help support our work with schools.

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Matt set up the Naz and Matt Foundation in memory of his soulmate and fiancé, Naz, who passed away two days after being confronted about his sexuality by his religious parents. It was the first time that they knew their son was gay, in a relationship with Matt for 13 years and that they were planning to get married.

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