Free support for schools tackling homophobia & bullying

Naz & Matt Foundation announces new service for schools tackling religious & cultural homophobia

After receiving positive and encouraging feedback from schools in Oldham and London where we successfully delivered talks to their students, our Foundation is now rolling this service out to other schools that need it.

We have published a dedicated page on this site outlining how our service will work, and how your school can request a visit from Naz & Matt Foundation.

If you represent a school, or your children go to a school that is tackling homophobia and homophobic bullying, particularly where culture and religion us heavily influencing the situation please get in touch.

This is a free service, made possible by the kind and generous donations that our Foundation has received from members of the public.

Numbers of school visits per year will unfortunately be limited until we are able to secure longer term funding.

Naz & Matt Foundation is a registered UK charity.

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