Anish Pathak - My Hindu Coming Out Story

Foundation takes part in new BBC One Documentary

We’re super proud of one of our long term volunteers, Anish Kumar Pathak, for bravely sharing his story in this exciting new BBC One documentary – My Hindu Coming Out Story.

As part of his healing journey Anish goes to a local temple, explores his cultural identity and revisits his secondary school in Ilford to meet with his old teachers and talk to students.

We are delighted that our monthly support group is mentioned in the film, along with our visit to Anish’s school to introduce his talk to the students on the day.

Last year for our annual Out and Proud Parents Day celebration we interviewed his mum Parmina, about her experiences coming to terms and accepting Anish’s sexuality.

Please join Anish he goes on a deeply personal journey to reconcile his faith and his sexuality.

The episode will be broadcast Wednesday 8th March at 10.40pm on BBC One, and will also be available via the BBC iPlayer via the link below.