The Witness - LGBTQ+ Jehovah's Witness

Foundation Supports New Play: The Witness – Being Expelled as a Gay Jehovah’s Witness

We’re happy to be supporting The Witness, a new play written by Robert P Bruce to be performed in Swansea. The story is based on the true life experience of actor Jon Joel ( who was expelled from the religious community he grew up in, because he was #gay.

“A young gay Jehovah’s Witness falls into a deep depression when he is expelled from his religious community. He mysteriously wakes up in the hospital morgue alongside an out gay man, who has died prematurely.

Tensions rise, as it quickly becomes clear that the two men both lived and died in very different ways. Now, as they take time to understand each other’s journeys, will they uncover the real truth about religious homophobia? As they trade opposing views on sex, love, and religion, they learn that their way out is not just to talk, but to listen.”

Tickets are now available…/the-witness/e-ppg