I had to fight for our relationship to be recognised after my fiancé took his own life

As we approach Out And Proud Parents Day our annual celebration of proud parents 30th July, I spoke to Metro newspaper about the challenges many same-sex partners face when losing their loved one. Over the years individuals have contacted our Foundation to share their own experiences after losing their partner.

Emotional blackmail is often central to the way families react as often they want their child’s LGBTQI+ relationship to remain a secret. Often warnings of “bringing shame on the family” creates a huge emotional burden and pressure to keep quiet.

Our charity’s ultimate mission is to prevent LGBTQI+ individuals from feeling so desperate that they consider taking their own lives. We strive to break down the barriers that culture or religion can impose on unconditional love.

One of our upcoming events is the Out and Proud Parents day on July 30, where we encourage parents from all backgrounds to publicly declare their love for their LGBTQI+ children on social media. We want to help create hope in those who find themselves in difficult circumstances.

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