March with Naz and Matt Foundation at Birmingham Pride

March with us for Birmingham Pride 2024

We are excited to be marching again this year for Birmingham Pride on Saturday 25th May 2024.

We invite you to join us and march and through the streets of Birmingham to raise visibility of the issues we tackle, the dangers of religious and cultural homophobia, and the importance of parental acceptance of LGBTQI+ individuals.


The theme for this year is “’LOVE HAS NO LIMITS’” – please interpret this however you feel is appropriate. The most important think is to just be yourself, and dress how you feel comfortable.

If you’re not “out” and would still like to march with us, please feel very welcome to wear a fabulous face mask.


We will be meeting at 11.45 in Centenary Square, Birmingham.

You must register (for free) with us in order to march in our group. Full details will be sent out via email once you have registered using the form below.

Register to march with Naz and Matt Foundation