Quilliam Foundation’s LGBT+ Interfaith Conference

Quilliam Interfaith Conference - Warwick University

In conjunction with the StandUp Foundation, Quilliam Foundation organised a day long Interfaith Conference to bring together individuals from different parts of the LGBT+ and faith communities. 

Held at the University of Warwick, I was asked to open the conference and give a talk about “Religion, homophobia and bullying” to attendees from a range of different backgrounds, religions and cultures. As part of my session I played our Foundation’s short film, “The Search for Sunrise“, which is also the same film I know take to schools across the UK.

The conference’s intended aim was to demonstrate interfaith (including no faith) solidarity with the LGBT+ community, and that bullying or threatening behaviour/language should never be tolerated.

Matt set up the Naz and Matt Foundation in memory of his soulmate and fiancé, Naz, who passed away two days after being confronted about his sexuality by his religious parents. It was the first time that they knew their son was gay, in a relationship with Matt for 13 years and that they were planning to get married.

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