This documentary is dedicated to the memory of our friend Philis King

This documentary is dedicated to the memory of our friend Philis King, who we sadly said goodbye to on Monday 14th September 2020 in Basingstoke.

This is a film that Philis wanted the world to see – to help more people understand the immense battles and prejudice #trans individuals face, often from their own family.

Many of you will remember Philis for entertaining the crowds as she marched with Naz and Matt Foundation for the last few London and Birmingham Pride marches.

Philis knew time was against her as the big “C” continued to spread through her body. This made her even more determined to complete her Pride in London and Birmingham marches – whatever it took she wanted to complete them. This dream of Philis’ was made possible because of Shahida Akhtar, who Philis lovingly referred to as her “partner in crime”. Shahida tirelessly escorted, pushed, pulled, twirled and swirled Philis in her wheelchair… with the occasional moment of Philis jumping out to shake hands or give hugs to her now screaming fans.

In the last few years of her life Philis spent many hours sharing her own experiences with audiences in various settings, including colleges and within the NHS. She desperately wanted the bullying of trans individuals to stop, to stop families rejecting their own children… Philis wanted to make sure that nobody else had to experience what she went through.

My memories of Philis will stay with me forever. I am a better person for knowing Philis.
Please rest in peace, our dear friend Philis King x


Directed by Adam Pinch
Produced by Khadija Mitchell
Director of Photography Niamh Cassidy
Edited by Mia Dann
Sound Recordist/Editor Lottie Brown
Original video