HARM – Honour Abuse Research Matrix Network Launches

HARM Launch - Honour Abuse Research Matrix - University of Central Lancashire

Thursday 5th July saw the launch of the much needed HARM – The Honour Abuse Research Matrix Network at the University of Central Lancashire.

Headed by Dr. Roxanne Khan (Director of HARM) the launch event featured speakers who are tackling honour abuse in communities across the UK.

HARM is an innovative, multi-disciplinary global network. A live matrix that will allow members to easily share ideas, form collaborative partnerships, discuss topics, disseminate literature or news, influence policy and develop new strategies in the fight against honour-based abuse, violence, killings and forced marriage.

HARM Launch - Matt talking Coronation Street


Featured speakers included

  • Nazir Afzal, OBEKeynote address
  • Dr. Rachael L. Aplin
    Policing HBA: domestic abuse, child protection or a ‘culturally’ complex crime?
  • Faeeza Vaid, Muslim Women’s Network UK
    Using faith & culturally sensitive approaches to challenge harmful practices
  • Matt Mahmood-Ogston
    Religious homophobia: There is no excuse

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