NewStatesman - Ban Gay Cure Therapy

Will a UK ban on gay conversion therapy work?

Writing for NewStatesmen, Precious Adesina interviews Matt about ‘gay cure therapy’ and the need to criminalise it. ‘Late in 2017, an assistant pastor in Anfield, Liverpool recommended to a new…

Muslim Pride

Muslim PRIDE details the struggles faced every day by LGBTQI+ Muslims who are often at times unable to come out to their own parents and communities.

Voices - Kiku Aruba Basu

Voices: Transgender and Muslim

I have known I was born into the wrong body for a long time and still have a long way to go until I become the person I am on the inside, externally.

‘Pray the Gay Away’ [video]

Earlier this year we backed a campaign to petition the government to criminalise ‘Gay Cure Therapy’. However before it reached its target of 100,000 signatures to trigger a parliamentary debate,…

Remembering Naz - 30th July 2017

Naz remembered: 3 Years in darkness

My darling Naz was remembered on 30th July 2017, 5:23pm, three years to the day that Naz joined the angels, with a peaceful sunflower ceremony in which we decorated his…